Collecting Memories

March 22, 2014

Beginning in 1992, the (non-profit) Maui Chamber of Commerce contracted Continental Coin and began producing special “Trade Dollar” coins as a fundraiser. Every year, a new design is produced; with each iteration showcasing Maui’s unique wildlife. Previous designs have featured Humpback whales, native birds, Green Sea turtles, Monk Seals, dolphins, Nene geese, and even tropical fish. While most of the coins are made from a Cupronickel alloy, special .999 Silver- and Gold-plated editions are also minted in small quantities for those building truly stunning collections.

Today, Maui Trade Dollars are extremely popular; as mementos or souvenirs, gifts to family members or children, tokens, and as parts of large collections. Many collectors have formed large groups in order to trade their coins amongst themselves, all in an effort to build a complete set spanning more than 20 years. Indeed, the inexpensive Maui Trade Dollars are a fun way to look back and remember the vacation of a lifetime.


To start collecting Maui Trade Dollars or to add to your vast collection, click here:


-Jake, Shipping and Receiving at Maui Ocean Treasures

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